This Handheld Music Stand for Singers enables you to hold your music folder in one hand in a comfortable and balanced way, leaving the other hand free to turn the pages.


There's no need for tension in your hand and fingers - no continuous gripping and balancing your folder - the folder rests on the stand, which in turn rests easily in your hand.


Handheld Music Stand


Singers in Choirs


How this can help you

Holding your music folder while singing can be awkward. It involves holding the two covers at a convenient angle to each other yet somehow having one hand free to turn the pages. This can cause strain and fatigue in your fingers and hands.

The Handheld Music Stand for Singers in Choirs simply rests in your hand, supporting your music folder in a comfortable and balanced way.

What users have said about the Handheld Music Stand:

This stand enables me to hold my music in one hand so that I am not crouched over my copies and can look up and sing out. My file fits on the stand and turning pages with the other hand is easy. A brilliant invention.


                                                                                                                                                    Thank you.  MH



I recently bought one of your hand held music stands and I'm very pleased with it. I will recommend it to the choir I conduct and the choir I sing with - when we next meet....

                                                                                                                                                        Cheers, M


I love mine, very comfortable - just waiting for choirs to re-form so I can use it!




I’m very pleased with the handheld music stand.  Great invention.                                         Thanks, J




My five hand-held music stands arrived by parcel post today! I'm very pleased. I intend to give four of them away as presents.

                                                                                                                                               Best regards, I



Just to say that I've checked - there are full instructions in the box, so no problems.  I really hope this takes off for you - it is such a great idea and your design is very good indeed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           JC

It's Easy to Hold

Made of recyclable plastic, the music stand makes it easy to hold up your music for an entire concert.

And because the music stand is held in one hand, the other one is always free to turn the pages.

It's Balanced

Designed to hold an A4 or similar sized folder, it's not top or bottom heavy. Because it's symmetrical, the music stand feels equally comfortable and stable in either the right or the left hand.

There's no need to grip it or hold it tight: it simply rests, comfortably and balanced, in your hand.

It keeps your music secure

Your music folder rests against the music stand, which holds the  covers open at the perfect angle for you to read your music with ease. A small ledge holds it secure without trapping the pages, so they're easy to turn.

I've sung in various choirs over the years, and I've noticed it can be a strain to support a music folder comfortably.

I've seen some of my fellow choristers hold the two covers of a music folder by trying to balance them in the palm of one hand, others grip their folders by "clamping" the base of the spine of the folder with the finger and thumb of one hand; people often find that this can cause strain and fatigue. Still others hold the 2 covers one in each hand, but this makes page-turning awkward.

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​It doesn't have to be this hard!

This Handheld Music Stand removes the strain so you can focus on what you're there for - being the best singer you can be.